Into the Trash it Goes – Average Family’s Food Waste

The average family of four wastes 122 pounds of food each month by tossing it into the trash can according to the New York Times.

In the article, One Mans Table Scraps, Another Country’s Meal, The New York Times made this interesting representation of the average Americans monthly waste. Click on the image to view full graphic.

These statistics should sadden you and make you want to change the way we all live and stop abusing the food we are so fortunate to have. People all over this world are starving and we have so much food that its ending up in the garbage? What is that about? Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds. And not to mention the environmental impact of wasting food. If we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the CO2 impact would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.

So what can we do to be better stewards of the wonderful food we have? Here are some easy and practical ways you can stop wasting food.

  1. Use what you’ve got. Try some of the wonderful recipes at
  2. Don’t make too much. Check out the Perfect Portion to know the exact amount to make.
  3. Keep the fridge at a cool 35-40 degrees and chilled food will last longer.
  4. Check out these Reviving Tips before you trash it.

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2 thoughts on “Into the Trash it Goes – Average Family’s Food Waste”

  1. My mom has a big coffee can under her kitchen sink. She scrapes her plates into that can. Actually, anything that would go into the garbage disposal goes into that can, including egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peals——you name it. Then every few days she walks out onto her porch and scatters the gross contents in her little veggie garden. It’s a cheap way to add nutrients into the soil. In the spring and summer, I do a little bit of that too, but my mother dear does it ALL YEAR LONG!

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