How to Successfully Add Family Exercise to Your Daily Routine

As parents, we feel that exercise is important but we can hardly find the time for it with our busy schedules, or if we do find the time for it, we feel guilty because we are sticking out kids in day care or leaving them at home to go to the gym. Here are some practical ways you can add exercise into your daily routine that gives you bonding time with your kids, while getting the exercise you need.

1. Take family walks. No gym membership required, just simply take a walk around the block or as far as the kids can make it. Take the dog with you if you have one, this is great exercise for everyone, including the dog.

2. Go for a family bike ride. Take the kids out on a bike ride. Before the trip try to calculate how far you want to go and what the best route is for safety and time. Try to stay in bike lanes and make sure everyone has a good fitting helmet.

3. Go to the park. Swinging on monkey bars is a great strengthening exercise for kids and adults alike. Climbing up and down the playground equipment is also a good way to get exercise. Make it fun for the whole family.

4. Play basketball or catch. If your kids aren’t interested in either of those games, try hopscotch or the hula hoop. These all will get your heart rate up, helping you and the kids get the daily exercise you need.

5. Set up a home gym. If you have teens, a home gym may be the answer to get them to enjoy exercise with their parents. You can use a lot of items you have around the house.

Don’t let the rain come between your family and exercise. You have options, by taking the family to the gym for swim time, or to the nearest school to play basketball in the undercover area. Make exercise a priority and make it a year round activity.

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