How to Save Energy with Televisions

With all the after Christmas sales going on now, a lot of people are taking advantage and buying new televisions. Also with the switch over to digital TV, stores may be seeing extra interest from consumers who need to update.

If you are one of those getting a new TV this year keep these energy savings tips in mind:

Watch those Watts – Big Screen televisions use more power than smaller, traditional cathode ray TVs. In fact some of the larger big-screen plasma televisions can consume as much energy each year as a new refrigerator.

More Energy – LCD and rear-projection models are generally more energy efficient than plasma televisions.

Look for the Star – Energy Star qualified televisions use about 30 percent less energy than standard models. TVs manufactured after November 2008 bearing the Energy Star label are up to 30 percent more efficient than standard models in both standby and active models. Some of the TVs in now were manufactured before the new deadline. Get More Info at Energy Star.

Lower The Brightness – When you first take your TV out of the box, it’s probably on the maximum brightness setting, which wastes energy and fails to delivery the best picture.

Turn Off When Not in Use – Remember that even when the TV is turned off but still plugged in, it is still consuming energy. The best idea is to have your TV plugged into a surge protector strip and turn it completely off when the TV is not in use to maximize energy savings.

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