How to Pick the Perfect Produce

1158748_48029256Its summertime and fruit & veggies are abundant, many people are making their way to farmers markets to get the freshest of the fresh. But even with beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables available at every corner, its still tough to pick out the best if you don’t know how. Here are 7 tips to help you pick the perfect produce and get what you pay for.

1. Have a taste. If it tastes good than you know its good, so ask for a sample.

2. Take a sniff. Fruit should have a sweet aroma; veggies should smell fresh. If they are bad, certain vegetables like asparagus tips will have a foul odor.

3. Do the bend test. To make sure veggies are crisp and fresh, bend them. If anything is even slightly soft or pliable its past its prime. This works best with vegetables like green beans, celery, asparagus, or zucchini.

4. Give it a squeeze. The freshest, ripest stuff has a slight spring or squeeziness to it that older produce doesn’t.

5. Weigh it in your hand. In general the heavier the fruit feels when you pick it up or cradle it in your hand, the juicier it will taste. Especially helpful when picking pineapples, melons or citrus fruits.

6. Ask whats good. Always ask the produce clerk, or farmer for recommendations. Everyday is a new day with new items coming in, one day the melons may be good while the next batch may not be as good.

7. Return the bad ones. And sadly with some fruits and veggies there is no way of telling if its good or bad until you slice it open. So to make sure and not lose money on your purchases, take any produce that is not up to par back to the store/market. Most stores have money-back return policies.

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