While hiking through the woods earlier today we came upon a composting toilet. We didn’t know exactly what that meant so we went up and opened the door to check it out. Inside was a toilet like you would see in an outhouse and a urinal, with a bucket on the ground filled with sawdust. On the inside of the door was a sign that said “This composting toilet needs 1/2 scoop sawdust for a pee 1 scoop sawdust for a poop. THANKS Friends of Opal Creek”. I was intrigued by this and wanted to know exactly what it was and what benefits there were to a composting toilet.

What is a composting toilet?

Composting toilets are toilet systems which treat human waste by composting and dehydration to produce a useable end-product that is a valuable soil additive.


~ 20-50% Water Use Reduction

~ Reduced Odor Problems

~ End Product Recycled

~ The ability to recycle the majority of household waste.

~ Can be installed in many different situations.

~ Less Environmental Impact

For the complete list of benefits in detail check out

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