How to Green 2009

Most of us have made huge strides in this last year to change the way we live and be more green and I am oh so proud of all who have taken part in caring for the earth. Over at I found this article on 6 Simple Things to do in ’09. Some of what they list are things that have been talked about here on Greenglancy.

It’s 2009 and the incoming administration seems eager to implement some of the fundamental changes necessary to reduce greenhouse gases and thwart climate change. We offer a few humble ’09 resolution suggestions that combine advantages for you and for the planet.

1. Help Repower America.

2. Kill Junk Mail, Save Trees. Check out Greenglancys article – Stop Junk Mail and Help the Environment!

3. Swap More, Shop Less. Check out Greenglancys article – August Recycled, Used Clothing Challenge.

4. Look for Labels.

5. Recycle Electronic Junk and Get Paid.

6. Kick the Bottle Habit. Check out Greenglancys article – The End is Near for Bottled Water.

For the complete article from click here.

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