How Green is Obama’s House?

Now that the festivities are over, its to work for our new President. But the interesting thing for President Barack Obama is that he gets to work from home. The White House is an office and a residence at the same time, and I was curious, for a President who has the most articulated environmental and energy plan ever, how green is his new home?

In my research, I found, interestingly enough, that former President George Bush has already made many aspects of white house living environmentally friendly. MSNBC says that, “Walk down the hallways and you will find compact fluorescent lights instead of the energy-hogging incandescent bulbs. Gone are the old EXIT signs, replaced with LED (light emitting diodes) signs.” There were also changes to the water system, preventing the sprinklers from going off when raining and the interconnected lights can now be locally turned on or off. Even the President’s motorcade consists of suburbans that can use alternative fuel.

I am sure that President Obama will examine and measure the effectiveness of these choices now that it will be his residence for the next four, maybe eight years. The new President has made the environment one of his greatest platforms for change and may even propose restarting the economy by creating new environment and energy related jobs. On the Energy and Environment plan promises to:

Create Millions of New Green Jobs

  • Ensure 10 percent of Our Electricity Comes from Renewable Sources by 2012, and 25 percent by 2025.
  • Deploy the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Energy Source – Energy Efficiency.
  • Weatherize One Million Homes Annually.
  • Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology.
  • Prioritize the Construction of the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline.

This environment efforts and others can be accomplished with the hard work and sweat of Americans. As President Obama said in his inaugural speech yesterday, it is up to us, we must work as hard as those who, “”struggled, sacrificed and worked until their hands were raw. America was bigger than the sum of our individual ambitions”. We can bring positive environmental change to America as we commit to being more green in each of our daily lives.

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