10 Homemade Valentines

I love homemade valentines. I love anything homemade, not only is it eco-friendly and saves you money, but it also means so much more when it has been homemade with love.

1. Make your own little Valentine Book. AE has a tutorial, perfect for your favorite Valentine, aliedwards.typepad.com

2. The Purl Bee has some lovely fabric window Valentines. These would be perfect for your little ones to give to their friends, even great for adding to the top of a Valentine gift. I love the simple sweetness of these.

3. For a kid-friendly Valentine craft, try these Woven Heart Baskets from mothers of inventions.

4. I love these fun Felt Fortune Cookies from Martha Stewart. There is a video in case the written instructions aren’t enough.

5. People come up with the most amazing projects. I love these Valentine Vermin from the Junior Society.

6. Moms in Business have a “That’s Amore! ~ A Valentine’s Day tutorial”. Great for hanging on the door. Homemade with items you already have around the house.

7. For the little girls in your life, decorate their hair with these cute Valentine hair clips. These look fairly easy and oh so cute!

8. Wise Craft has a tutorial on how to make a Rice Pillow for your Valentine. The perfect thing for those sore necks and backs after a long day at work.

9. Ok, I know this tutorial isn’t for Valentines Day but I thought this Fleece + Liberty Scarf tutorial would make a great Valentines gift. Use some pretty floral or whimsical fabrics, and it would be perfect.

10. The Stitching Room has a Thread Holder Tutorial but instead of holding thread these would be great for putting some Hershey Kisses or other chocolates in and giving them to your Valentine.

I know there are so many more Valentine tutorials and craft projects out there, these are just a few to help you get started on your way to a Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy!

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