Heres How To Recycle Those Campaign Signs

If you live in the Pacific Northwest or Twin Cities area than you are probably familiar with EcoMetro helps you find the best green and local products, merchants and ideas.

Today on EcoMetro they had an article on Happy Election! Here’s how to recycle those campaign signs…..

If you have a political sign in your yard, you’re probably wondering what to do with it right about now. Depending on whether your signs are plastic, metal, wood, or corrugated plastic commonly called coroplast, there may be a special collection pickup or drop off location near you.

ObamaCycle – Reusing Campaign Materials instead of throwing them away! Obama supporters can put materials up for free to be claimed by another user.

Metro – For the Portland, Oregon area.

King County – For the Seattle, Washington area.

Stop Waste – For the East Bay, California area.

Green Guardion – For the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota area.

Check out EcoMetro for all your green needs. They have interesting posts daily and lots of great online coupons and monthly tips.

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