Help Save Planet Earth Starting with Uranus

Uranus, foundesetofthree_cutoutd by two college students, is a new eco-friendly company that has just launched its line of soy underwear for women.

Soy fabric is eco-friendly and sustainable because of the way it is made. Soy fabric is manufactured from the by-products of soy food products, like tofu and soybean oil. Since the process uses materials that would otherwise be waste, it is considered to “close the loop” on soy. Not to mention the fact that its luxuriously soft and comfortable, often compared to silk or cashmere and more durable and longer lasting than cotton.

The Boyshorts(or Soyshorts as they call them) are sold in sets of three: One pair natural beige, one pair black and one pair moss green. The soyshorts are colored with 100% natural vegetable dye and packaged in burlap drawstring sacks that are 100% biodegradable. Check out Uranus Apparel.

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