The Soda Pop Addict Going Green – Soda Stream by Soda Club

Are you a seltzer or soda pop addict? Do you constantly have a fridge full of soda-pop? This morning I read about this new product, Soda Stream by Soda Club. It sounds interesting.

“Tired of waiting for sales, lugging home heavy bottles, storing them, and having them go flat? Do you ever have to run to the store at the last minute because you’ve run out of seltzer or soda? With the Soda-Club® home soda maker, you’ll make your own great tasting seltzer or soda in a variety of flavors at sale prices, anytime at your fingertips. It’s fun, easy and ready in seconds.”

So how green is this product?

Recycling – 1,200 fewer aluminum cans will be manufactured because your family drinks Soda-Club soda. Since only about 55% of cans are recycled, that’s a lot less waste cluttering up our environment.

Waste – With almost 45% of soft drink bottles and cans ending up in the trash, people who use Soda-Club’s reusable carbonating bottles will cut back dramatically on disposables. Your family will go from using 21 cubic feet of landfill space for soda cans and bottles each year to virtually nothing!

Soda-Club and Sodastream BPA-free carbonating bottles are recyclable and toxin-free.

Saves Energy – No Electricity, No Batteries, No Transport Miles.

Reduces Packaging – Reusable Bottles and Concentrated Sodamix.

On the site they have a 4 step video that tells you how to make the seltzer or soda in minutes. It looks pretty easy. I don’t usually have soda-pop in the house because it is so bad for you but this alternative, if adding juice straight from the fruit to the caronated water, wouldn’t be bad for you. The price is a bit high at 99.00(19.99 shipping) but for a healthy alternative, it may be worth it.

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