Raising Green Babies – Happy Baby Premium Organic Baby Meals

When I was first asked to write a review for Happy Baby Premium Organic Baby Meals I wondered how this food could be much different from other baby food. I had read through the site at HappyBabyFood.com and was impressed with ingredients of their products, along with the packaging, and their concern for starving children (Project Peanut Butter), but would the babies and kids like the food?

So off to the store I went to get some Happy Baby food. I got two of the fresh frozen organic baby meals, Grrreat Greens/Going Greens and Sweeter Potatoes/Purer Pears, along with two of the toddler Happy Bites and some Happy Bellies organic multi-grain cereal.

The first thing that I noticed was the ingredients on all the frozen organic baby meals. The Grrreat Greens contained organic pears, organic spinach and organic mango with DHA algal oil. It was so simple, only the fruits or veggies, no additives or preservatives! Now this is food that you can feel good about feeding your little ones. As for the flavor, I thought it tasted great. Now for the little one, he took a few bites, but the older siblings decided to finish it up. So I would say it was a hit. I love how they added fruit to the spinach; it gave it a flavor that babies wouldn’t have a problem getting down.

They also have a line of Happy Bites for the toddlers and kids. These were a big hit! We tried the Veggie Tots and the Mac & Cheese. The mac & cheese comes with a tomato dipping sauce, that tastes like pizza sauce. The veggie tots are served with a cheese sauce. These were eaten up so fast, by all the kids, all ages loved them, from 4 – 40.  The four year old really enjoyed the cheese sauce; I could tell by the way he licked the little cheese bowl clean.

Another thing that I found appealing with the baby food was that you could pop out only as many cubes as you need.  The frozen baby food comes in a little ice cube looking tray each cube being 1 oz. And while you are traveling or shopping, HAPPYBABY can defrost naturally in a sealable container and be ready for baby’s next healthy meal.

A friend of mine has twins and they were my Happy Bellies organic cereal taste testers. Here is what the mom had to say, “It was the first food we introduced the twins to and from the first time they tried it they loved it. Nolan particularly loves it and literally “Mmms” while he eats it and gets so excited! Because I have food allergy issues I like knowing exactly what is in it and that they guarantee that many things are NOT in it (that competitors can not claim). It can be mixed with either breast milk, formula, or water and we found it to mix well any way we fix it. All that being said….. We love it!”

Your baby could be the next Happy Baby Star! Enter your baby to be one of our 4 Grand Prize Winners to appear on the cover of Dr. Robert Sears new book Happy Baby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months. Click here to enter.

Also check out the Happy Baby Food For Thought Newsletter, they recently came out with the latest nutrition research, a nutrition tip, a recipe and a coupon for your favorite baby food.

Thanks Happy Baby Food for making such great organic baby meals! Give Happy Baby Food a try, your baby is sure to love it!

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