Green Your Wrapping Paper & Save Money

Wrapping paper is expensive and quit frankly not that exciting. Why buy something you don’t need when, if you take a look around your house, you will find that there are tons of items you could use instead of wrapping paper. And what better way to be environmentally friendly than by reusing what you already have!

For something original and a great way to save money, try some of these ideas:

Recycle – When you receive a gift, save the bag, tissue or wrapping paper (if still in tact) and use another time.

Reuse – If you get the newspaper, use the funnies for a child’s present or even a page of black and white print with an interesting bow for an Over-the-Hill gift.

Reinvent – Child’s art from school can be used to wrap up gifts for grandmas or grandpas. They will love this!

Re-purpose – An old flowery skirt that you don’t wear anymore makes a lovely wrapping for a woman’s gift with a big ribbon bow.

Revamp -Brown paper bags from your last grocery trip can be used to paint or stamp on, making a great gift wrap when tied with newspaper twine or sting.

Revive – Old magazine pages, covered with great fashion ads, can be used to wrap up presents for a teen.

Rehash – Old music books make great gift wrap for the music lover in your life.

Please share your green ideas for wrapping paper.

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