Green Your Way Back to School

Yes its that time again. September is almost here and school will be starting next week. But before you go off to the mall or the nearest drug store for all your school needs, stop to think about how you can make choices to reduce your environmental impact.

Here are some great ways to “Green Your Way” back to school.

1. Carpool, Ride or Walk. Save gas and carpool with a friend. Ride your bike or walk if you live close enough. 60,000: Gallons of gasoline that would be saved each day if just 6 percent of those who drive less than a mile would walk instead. Statistic from

2. Bring an Eco-smart lunch. Stop brown bagging it! Make sure and get a washable, reusable, PVC-free, container to tote your lunch to school. 18,760: Pounds of lunch waste created per year by one elementary school. has all the information you need to start a waste free lunch program at your school.

3. Use Eco-friendly school supplies. Try to find biodegradable, recycled supplies. For green back to school supplies check out

4. Recycle in your cafeteria and classrooms. Start a recycling program in your cafeteria and classrooms. Work with staff and students to get bins with labels marked for recycling items that usually end up in the trash.

5. Find green clothes. You don’t always have to break the bank and buy new. Try buying used, this is not only economical, its Eco-friendly as well. Check out your nearest thrift store or go to Buffalo Exchange for some great gently used clothing. If you must buy new, try to find clothing that is made with sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Check out for more ways that you can help make a difference in your school and community. This is a great site created by a teen for teens and just about anyone else who would like to make a difference in the environment.

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