Green Your Thanksgiving Day

You have heard it before if you have read any of Green Glancy before, but I am here to remind you, in case you have forgotten. Here are some tips for greening your Thanksgiving Meal.

1. Use Seasonal & Buy Local – Find humanely raised turkeys using the Eat Well Guide. Check out your local farmers markets for the best selection of seasonal roots and veggies.

2. Naturally Decorated – Look around outside or at your local farmers market for some great Natural Decorations. Useing pine cones, dried leaves, nuts and branches all can add beauty to your table. Display corn or pumpkins for the centerpiece. Country Living has some great photos of ways to decorate your table.

3. Drink Naturally – When choosing drinks, think natural and organic. Use water from the faucet, and buy only organic juices and wine, seeing that apples and grapes are among the most heavily sprayed crops. Check out a local winery if you are concerned about the price.

4. Stay Away From Throw Aways – When setting the table, remember that your everyday wear or china makes the table look more beautiful and reusing and re-purposing items instead of buying new means less stuff destined for the landfill.

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Choose a central location, take public transportation, take the train or bus or fly an airline with environmental policies in place.

6. Compost – Reduce the amount of waste they ship to the landfill by composting food scraps. And you don’t need a garden to make use of all the rich, organic fertilizer that results—compost can be used on houseplants, landscaping plants, lawns, and more.

7. Be Thankful!

We can all think of ways to be greener on Thanksgiving and everyday of the year. Please share your tips of how you Green Your Thanksgiving.

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