Green Your Halloween

1006882_17480313Halloween is just over a month away and the stores are filled with decorations and candy for the big day. But don’t go for the easy way out and buy all the goodies at the store because of the convenience. Try to think green. Now thinking green doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Here are 8 helpful Eco-friendly tips:

1. Use a pillowcase or canvas shopping bag for collecting candy, instead of the regular plastic jack-o-lanterns or plastic bags.

2. Make your own costume. All over the internet you can find cheap and easy to make costumes with stuff you have laying around the house. Check out your local thrift store for ideas and help.

3. Give organic, fair trade, eco-friendly treats. For some ideas of ‘green treats’ click here.

4. Walk don’t drive. Stick close to home and walk around your neighborhood while trick-or-treating. Be a part of your community and cut down on pollution.

5. Compost. Jack-o-lanterns along with the abundant leaves that are all over the yard make fall a great time to start composting, if you don’t already.

6. Keep the party green. Use cloth napkins, silverware and dishes, stay away from the wasteful paper products. Make your own decorations by using recyclable materials, get creative – click here for ideas on decorating. Use locally grown, organic foods.

7. Use fluorescent light bulbs and LED lights. You will need a flashlight when your out trick-or-treating so remember to use fluorescent or LED lights.

8. Teach your kids not to litter. If they plan on eating some of their candy before they get home, make sure and tell them to leave the wrappers in their bag and they can throw them away when they get home.

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