Green Your Fourth of July

920695_26615421If you have been on the green scene for a while than you already know how to green a party, bbq or celebration, Fourth of July is not an exception.

1. Place Settings: When setting the table remember to stay away from plastic, Styrofoam, and paper disposable items. Use your everyday dishes, silverware and cloth napkins, these are the most friendly to the environment. If you must use disposable, try these; Green Feet bamboo disposable ware.

2. Decorations: Here are some eco-friendly ways to decorate the table and yard: Red,white and blue table cloth, Vases filled with red, white and blue flowers, Stick a candle in old jars and add 4th of July ribbon. Sprig has a list of 10 Eco-friendly decorating ideas that wont bust your budget, you can use any of their ideas and just incorporate red,white and blue.

3. Food: Stick to buying locally grown organic food when putting your menu together. Stay away from red meat as much as you can. If you must eat red meat, buy locally grown and organic. Its not enough that its local, it must be organic. For more on what cows are fed and why to avoid red meat read this article, The Truth About Red Meat – What’s the Problem with Beef?

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