Green Your Dinner Party

Countdown to Christmas – 42 Days!

Everyone loves a party and at this time of year there are many to be had, enjoyed and invited to. So while you are planning your next party, why not think about how you can make your next dinner party green.

Over at Planet Green they have all the info you would ever need on Green Dinner Parties.

The Top Green Dinner Party Tips:

Plan and Invite Wisely – Knowing the number of people coming to your party is the first big step in cutting back on waste. Send on an Evite, online to save the waste paper invitations create.

Encourage Your Guests to Travel Green – For those who do travel green, you can offer fun little rewards or green favors.

Decorate With an Eco-Conscious – Instead of buying one time use decorations, look outside in your yard for nature inspired decorations. Petroleum free soy candles can help you create a mellow mood.

Buy Seasonal and Local Produce – Local produce is good for the Earth: the shorter distance it travels to get to your plate keeps carbon out of the air. To find out what’s in season for your party you can check out a seasonal produce calendar.

Sip Green Drinks – When you’re planning what drinks to serve at your dinner party, try avoid buying those that come in cans and bottles. Options: Make your own sangria, pick up beer from a local brewery, try some green wines, or
brew up some shade grown coffee.

Think about Reducing the Amount of Meat on Your Menu or Go Veg Altogether – Meat production contributes significantly to climate change. Check out the Eat Well Guide for information on sustainable meat in your area. Why not take your party a step further and make your menu entirely vegetarian.

Choose Sustainable Seafood – In buying sustainable seafood, you will avoid contributing to the overfishing devastating global seafood populations.

Use the Right Tableware – Use dishwasher safe china and glasses you already have around the house. If you are stuck on using paper products for your party, look for unbleached or biodegradable products.

Send Your Guest Home with Leftovers – Instead of letting them sit in your fridge, potentially serving them up for the next few meals, why not send some home with your friends.

Clean Up Green – Set up bins at your party that clearly mark where guests can recycle, compost and send trash to the landfill. When it comes to scrubbing your countertops post-party, opt to do it with green cleaning products.

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  1. Thanks for recommending the Eat Well Guide to find local sustainable meats. We have thousands of stores and co-ops (also farms, organizations, etc) listed in the Guide to help you find local sustainable food for holidays and everyday! Be sure to check out the Eat Well Everywhere travel tool to help you find local sustainable food when you are traveling this season. Let us know if you see any places that aren’t listed and we can add them to the Guide- send us an email at

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