Green Your Birthday Party

Getting older isn’t something adults enjoy, you hit a certain age and you no longer look forward to the day of your birth. In fact most adults will try to hide the fact that its their birthday. Little children, on the other hand, look forward to their birthdays all year long with great anticipation and always lots of reminders to those around them when the day is getting close.

Well I have some green suggestions that will hopefully make you look forward to your next birthday young or old.

Stay away from throw-away decorations, napkins, plates and cups and have friends and family come over for dessert, using your best dishes and cloth napkins. Save money and the landfills by staying away from throw-aways.

Give Back. Email a Give to Foundation/Charity of Your Choice list to your friends. Have them give to a foundation on the list instead of buying you a gift. Giving back is so much better. For the little ones that wouldn’t be happy without some gifts, make sure and put in the email invitation, that you want your guest to bring lightly-used gifts.

Make your own Birthday Party Favors and decorations. You will enjoy the look and you can reuse them over and over again. Here are links to some of my favorite party favors and decoration tutorials. Bunting Tutorial, Crown, and Party Favor Box. Or you can hand out Mini Lucky Bamboo Plants to your guests. Or bring the outside in and decorate with some flowers from the yard, sticks, rocks, etc…

Send an email. Don’t waste trees by using paper or put more garbage in the landfill with your birthday invitations. Instead send out an evite invitation.

Do you have any Green Birthday Party ideas? Please share them in the comments below.

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