Green Your Barbecue

bbq_istock_-lukaszfus_hedBarbecue season has officially begun with this Sunday, Fathers Day,  being one of the biggest barbecuing days of the year. But before you race off to the store to buy all your barbecuing paraphernalia, check out these tips to help you become a more Eco-friendly griller.

1. Go for a cleaner-burning propane or electric grill over one that uses charcoal. Charcoal contributes to poorer air quality. But if you must use charcoal, look for lump brands made from invasive tree species or harvested from sustainably managed forests, and switch from lighter fluid to chimney starter.

2. Use your re-usable plates, cloth napkins and Silverware. Stay away from paper plates and plastic utensils. If you have to use paper, look for biodegradable products or recycled products.

3. Use Eco-friendly patio, grill and deck cleaners. Eco mist has a line of non-toxic, non-flammable and non-fuming cleaners for just those needs.

4. Use citronella candles instead of chemical bug sprays to take care of those pesky mosquitoes.

5. Try out some of these easy green grilling recipes from GreenLiving for your next barbecue.

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