Green Works Not Tested On Animals!

Clorox has come out with a new product called ‘Green Works’. Natural Cleaners that “contains over 99% natural ingredients that are biodegradable”. This new product is another step that major corporations and businesses are taking to ride the ‘going green’ wave in America. The cleaners can be scented or non-scented and seem to clean just as well as other Clorox cleaners.

Another important aspect of the ‘Green Works’ cleaner is that it has NOT been tested on animals. At Clorox online, they mention TWICE on the SAME PAGE, that their product has NOT been tested on animals. While I love animals and appreciated the notification, I found it interesting that they have made such a point of that. I’ve never tried to clean my pets with Clorox cleaners…have you?

With the amount of dish cleaning each of us will do over our lifetimes, having a cleaner that is environmentally friendly could be a great and simple step that you could take to better care for and treat our environment. Clorox is, “proud to offer a natural line of cleaners that clean without harsh chemical residue. They’re made with plant-based materials that clean with the power you’d expect from Clorox”.

So think about trying out Green Worksfrom Clorox, a healthy and environmentally safe way to clean your dishes and…protect your animals.

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