Green Thanksgiving Decorations

Its November again and its crazy how fast it snuck up on us. Before we know it Thanksgiving will be upon us and we will be eating our way through a turkey.

To keep with the green theme we have going here on greenglancy, why dont you check out these environmentally friendly and festive ways to decorate your table and house for Thanksgiving.

For a great fall centerpiece check out these fall leaves turned into roses. Courtesy of


When setting the table make sure you have cloth napkins and use silver ware, dishes and glasses – stay away from any throw away, non recyclable items. Courtesy of apartment therapy.


If you look around you will see you can use an array of items from around the house to make your table and home more festive and inviting. Help the environment by reusing the items you have and if your crafty turn those things into new creations. For more ideas check out:

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