Green Lemonaide

400x400-09_0406_img_9347-2Green Lemonaide is a site that helps you introduce to your friends and family the wonderful world of reduce, reuse and recycle. Help others become green by giving them a Green Lemonaide kit to get started. These are great for those people who have no clue where to begin.

GreenLemonaide is part giving, part saving. Call it responsible gift-giving. Our  green starter kits spread knowledge and a feeling of contribution with easy-to-use, everyday products that lessen the impact on our world. It’s a different way of thinking about gift giving that we hope will spark a different way of thinking about the environment.

They offer 4 different kits full of products such as cloth napkins, Sigg water bottles, compact fluorescent bulbs, faucet aerator, surge protector, and shower timers just to name a few. All in a reusable tote.

Check them out and give a helping hand to those around you.

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