Green Money Saving Facts

Did You Know?

$210 – The amount of money saved in one year of energy bills by switching to a new refrigerator and clothes washer. Energy Star has some of the best energy saving products.

$82 – Money saved in one year by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products such as white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and olive oil. Check out Inhabitots for 5 Eco-friendly, kid-safe cleaning supplies you can make yourself.

$135 – The amount saved in one year by a family of four when they recycle one bottle or can per day. Every bottle and can you recycle eases the strain on our natural resources and reduces greenhouse gases in our skies.

$100 – Money saved in one year by fixing leaky windows and doors.

$80 – The amount of money saved in one year if you change five of your most frequently used lightbulbs to Compact Flourescent light bulbs.

For many more Money Saving Facts and help with making your home more efficient, check out They can help with Remodeling parts of your home, to turn up the savings, and use cost-effective eco-friendly products, also with transforming your home into a High-Performance Residence:saving money, generating power, reducing utility dependence and using eco/healthy systems. They have a message board, ask the expert and community articles. A very helpful site for the home owner who wants to “Go Green” and save big.

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