Green Burials

Each year in U.S. cemeteries our loved ones are buried along with:

  • 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid
  • 1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete
  • 14,000 tons of steel vaults
  • 90,272 tons of steel caskets
  • 2,700 tons of copper and bronze
  • 30+ million board feet of hardwood

Its no surprise that environmentally-minded people are choosing natural burials. By choosing how and where we are buried we can conserve, sustain, and protect the earth.

Reconsider Embalming – Embalming fluids are known to cause cancer and other diseases in the embalmers. These chemicals are not required by law and do not help in preventing the spread of disease. there are other options funeral home are now using for viewing such as, dry ice and refrigeration.

Casket Choices – To minimize a burials ecological impact it is important to request biodegradable materials in everything that accompanies you or your loved ones into the earth. There are many options out there for natural materials, untreated, organic, biodegradable wood, bamboo and unbleached cotton linings. Eco Caskets and E Coffins are two options.

Cremation – For those who don’t want to be buried, cremation can still be a viable option as long as the inputs and emissions are managed properly, as well as the ashes themselves.

Other options – Burial at sea can be green as long the body is in a weighted shroud and not in a traditional casket. A new popular option for a green burial is using a tree to mark the spot instead of a traditional head stone.

For Natural Burials check out GreenSprings Natural Cemetery.

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