Going Green for Back to School

854848_80411418The stores are starting to pack their shelves with back to school items and I have noticed how they are offering a lot more green choices this year than they did last year.

One of the simplest, easiest ways to green your back to school shopping is to buy a reusable lunch bag or box. Stop using paper throw away bags. The ultimate way to be kind to the environment would be to reuse an old lunch box you already have or make one from items you have lying around the house. Reusing what you have is always your best bet when it comes to being more eco-friendly.

Before you go out and buy paper and #2 pencils, make sure you check and see if you have any left over from last year, usually we buy too much the year before and just keep stalking up. If you do need more paper or pencils make sure and buy ones that have been recycled. Sprig has reclaimed and recycled wood pencils. Greenline has awesome recycled composition books and binders.

Here are some other green school supplies to check out, the recycled money ruler, the staple-free stapler, and hemp backpacks.

So when you are shopping for your back to school supplies, be green and do what you can to help the environment.

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