Going Green Experiment: Day Two…Unplugged

After a successful and exciting day of conserving our water, I was excited this morning to wake up and begin day two of the ‘Going Green Experiment’. I didn’t think I would ever be this enthusiastic about helping our environment, but I feel like Mother Earth and I are growing in our relationship, forging a deeper bond as I respond with kindness and respect to the way that she has supported my life thus far.

Today was a chance to analyze how many of our appliances and electronics were plugged in and wasting electricity that we don’t even turn on to use throughout each day. About 5 percent of household electricity in the U.S. is lost to energizing computers, television and other appliances that are turned off, as a result of poorly designed standby circuitry. So I went around our house to examine how many items I had plugged into sockets that I wasn’t using. I located twenty four different items in our two bedroom apartment, only two of which were being used: our laptop computer charger and our modem. I had no idea that many items in our home were wasting electricity. Three lamps in our spare bedroom that we never go into, as well as a spare TV and DVD player that are plugged in that we’ve turned on once. Both of our phone chargers were still plugged in though our phones weren’t charging and in our living room, our TV, DVD, VCR, Wii, Stereo and three lamps were all plugged in and we weren’t using any of them. I went throughout each of our rooms and unplugged each of these items, again feeling good about loving Mother Earth, and am going to leave these items unplugged for the entire day unless I need to use one of them.

Green Tips says that this 5 percent of household electricity wasted called standby or phantom energy loss, taken across all U.S. households, “adds up to an estimated 65 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. This extra electricity costs consumers more than $5.8 billion annually and sends more than 87 billion pounds of heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year.”

Now that I’ve powered down my house today, and hopefully lowered the amount of ‘heat-trapping carbon dioxide’ I’m sending into the atmosphere, next Friday’s task will be finding an energy efficient way to conveniently use the electronics and appliances in my home without constantly plugging and unplugging each individual item in the house.

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