Going Green Experiment: Day Ten…’Wheel Print’

As the ‘Going Green’ Commitment continues, we awoke to a cloudy Saturday morning with not many plans. We were looking forward to a day of doing nothing after a busy first week of school and a new schedule. It bodes well then, for a Saturday commitment of keeping down our gas emission and lowering the amount of miles we drive around town in our ’96 Toyota Camry. The ‘Going Green’ commitment has made us painfully aware out how we have cruised through life, not thinking much about the environment or our affect on it. So while our carbon footprint used to be the size of Ronald McDonald’s shoe, we are learning and working on shrinking that footprint to a ballerina’s slipper.

My wife recently took our camry to the DMV to have an environmental safety check done on it in order to renew our license plate tags. We were prepared and excited to see how our car measured up to environmental standards. However, we found out when we took the car in that, because we live in Salem, OR instead of where our car was registered in our hometown of Sandy, OR, we did not have to go through the environment safety standard test. We were disappointed, ironically, because we were interested to know about our car’s affect on the environment.

Instead of spending hours with the ‘friendly’ employees at the DMV, check out Fuel Ecomony, a government website designed to show you the carbon ‘wheel print’ your car is leaving on the environment. As well as giving helpful tips and tools in determining your cars MPG, where to find the cheapest gas prices and info on cutting edge technology, hybrid cars and the latest news. There’s even a link to an article at AutoGreenBlog about the Hyundai i20 low-emission 59mpg vehicle. The ‘Fuel Economy’ website gives you the opportunity to compare side-by-side your car, or a car your thinking about buying, to other vehicles. You can select the model, model year and and type of car, which then gives you a readout of MPG estimates, fuel economics, an energy impact score and a carbon footprint.

We now feel at peace with the information Fuel Economy provided and feel confident that we can continue to downsize our effect on our small corner of the planet. If you have questions or ideas, feel free to post comments below.

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