Going Green Commitment: Day 30…When Its All Said And Done

A sunny and crisp morning greeted me on the last morning of our ‘Going Green Commitment’. I looked out proudly at the beautiful fall air, knowing that for the last month I’d taken a big step in my life towards treating my world with a little more respect and love. The ‘Going Green Commitment’ has been a great challenge and, like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, a doable one. Each change we have made this month has been realistic and achievable and given us a chance to begin to make small changes around our home to be more environmentally minded and friendly. CNN has even said that Going Green can save you a significant amount of money by making small changes in your lifestyle.

So now the Going Green Commitment is something that YOU can start to try, if you are looking for ways to go green with overhauling your entire life yet, try changing just one thing a day. Make it fun and involve your whole family, giving them a chance to be a part of helping the environment. GreenGlancy and others will give you plenty of options or ideas to try from, the point is that we each give something a try and ‘start the ball rolling’ so that there will be a change in our world for the better. If you need some ideas, check out the other posts on our site, or try the A-Z ideas at GeoCities.

Thanks for reading and following along as we went on our journey. Look for more exciting Going Green tips from GreenGlancy in the future. Until then: Mission Accomplished.

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