Going Green Commitment: Day 29…Down The Home Stretch

With only one more day left in the ‘Going Green Commitment’ we pause for a moment of reflection. It has been a great month, a life changing one. But we must stay the course. There is too much left to be done. We have had incredible encounters with Superheros (Erasable paper man), have learned about using water effectively in our lawn (and newspaper too) and have grown in organic culinary expertise. The small steps that we have made in our home to improve the way we treat our planet have had an impact in our life. While the changes have been small, that is all that they could have been. For in order to start the gigantic ball of global awareness rolling, you must start with a few small steps. Those small steps can create momentum that, when properly and effectively directed, can start an avalanche of change and good.

On Eco-Statistics, I was blown away by the effect that we each can have on our environment. A constant skeptic of statistics and cautious of over-saturated media about being environmentally friendly, I still pause to logically process the amount of paper or plastic or gas that I have consumed and spent through the course of my life thus far. And now, multiplying that by the amount of people in the world and the amount of people that have the too-busy, too-much-to-do, not-enough-time lifestyle that seems to infiltrate my life, its seem logical to suppose that we could have some of those astronomical effects on our environment.

What is the choice then? What are the options? Is it time to sell everything I own, move to the forest and live off nuts and berries?

Or is there a medium? A balance? A health way to make lifestyle changes that can reduce my carbon footprint on this planet without going completely without necessities in our world? I believe there CAN be a balance and our 30 day ‘Going Green Commitment’ has proved that it is not that difficult. Nothing we did was extremely painful, excessively intrusive. Some took extra time, a little extra money, others saved both time and money.

I believe that we each can examine our lives and determine where WE can make changes in what we eat, use, do and spend so that we can have an IMPACT on our world. If the same people that produce and use everything I have wasted and consumed in my life, make the same small changes I am making in my daily routine, around my home, at my workplace, then maybe we can begin to make a change in a positive way, to form a collective ‘Going Green Commitment’ to move inĀ  a direction that will lead to environment conservation, rather than disastrous destruction or a debilitation of the resources that have been given to us. Together, we really could change the world.

Check back tomorrow as we sign out on the ‘Going Green Commitment’

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