Going Green Commitment: Day 27…why the Witch gave Snow White the apple

Our final ‘eating organic’ day in the ‘Going Green Commitment’, I stumbled upon an article at Organic that mentioned that apples were named by the Environmental Working Group as one of the fruits which can potentially hold the most pesticide residue. I was disappointed and shocked, apples being one of my favorite fruits and my wife being the creator of one incredible apple pie!

Apples are an important part of our fall diet, as the leaves turn and the produce becomes ripe and delicious, apples will turn into pressed cider, pie, chutney, and many other great dishes pivotal to the fall experience. But I don’t want to be buying and eating apples that have pesticide residue on them that could harm me or my family. And I’ve always wondered how to pick a good apple and how to get the best shelf life out of them when storing them for that apple pie or fresh-pressed cider.

A previous article, here on Greenglancy, reveals that Farmer’s Markets are a great place to start looking for those locally grown, pesticide free apples or other fruits. Especially in the fall, a lot of farmer’s markets will offer organic apples for an affordable price much cheaper than most supermarkets. Not only that, but you are supporting your local farmers and it is a great and fun experience you can have with your family.

When picking out apples, “look for smooth, undamaged skin and a fresh fragrance. Once purchased, apples will keep best in the refrigerator as they ripen nearly 10 times faster when stored in the kitchen or outside. Properly stored, apples can keep up to 3 months or puréed and frozen for much longer,” according to another article at Organic.

After finding out more about one of my favorite fruits, the apple, I have a renewed sense of hope that my deliciously diverse friend will once again find itself into many traditional fall dishes that I am excited to eat in the upcoming months.

If you have some great apple fall recipes, post a link or a comment below.

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