Going Green Commitment: Day 21…Energy ‘Efficient’ Washer

Alright so last night I put my culinary skills to work on the fried noodle and pork recipe mentioned in yesterday’s post. It was quite the cooking experience. The meal turned out great. Here’s a picture of the finished product. My wife appreciated my attempt at cooking and she said that it tasted pretty good. We added carrots in to add extra flavor and color and we probably had a few too many noodles, but the pinch of sugar and soy made a world of difference in the taste of the meal.  I would also recommend having a wok instead of the skillet that we used. The meal makes a huge amount and it was difficult and sometimes comical keeping it in the pan.

Thursdays are the day in the “Going Green Commitment” where we continue to analyze and make sure that we are using our water wisely in our home. Since the ‘Going Green Commitment’ began, we have changed a lot of habits: Shaving in the shower, not leaving the water running while brushing our teeth, using water to wash vegetables and fruit to water plants, and other water saving tips.

One of the areas where a home uses the most amount of water is the washing machine. It seems to me like our pile of dirty clothes never really disappears! There are always dirty clothes and it takes a lot of water to wash those clothes. So how can we be environmentally friendly and have energy efficient washers?

Right now our washing machine is very energy efficient; it hasn’t worked for the past ten days. The picture to the right is the message we’re getting when we try and runa wash. Our apartment maintenance guy took one look at it and said he had no clue what was wrong, so he had to talk to the manufacturer. Apparently he must have mailed them a letter because its taking forever to hear back from him. So right now we’re doing a GREAT job of saving water because we’re simply not running our washing machine, but our dirty clothes are beginning to pile high and once our washer is fixed, we’ll have some serious work to do.

“But once our washer is working,” I asked myself, “Will it be maximizing my water usage, getting my clothes clean AND treating the environment well?”

I went on a search and found Energy Star, a website devoted to energy efficient washers and giving you information on your current washing machine as well as machines that you may consider purchasing. It will walk through reasons why certain washers are more energy efficient, such as high spin speeds and no central agitator, as well as tips to look for when purchasing your energy efficient washer.

Energy Star rates different washer models and you can ask for an ‘Energy Star Qualified’ washer if you are in the market. Check out the website to find out if your current washer is energy efficient. Leave comments or questions below.

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