Going Green Commitment: Day 15…Revitalized Amish Farming

Friday is typically our day to ‘Go Amish’ and shut down all of our electronics such as our TV, Wii, CD player, MacBook, etc. in order to reduce phantom power and help our environment by limiting the amount of electronics that we have plugged in and are not using. Friday’s have helped bring awareness into our home about just how many electronics we hardly ever used that are plugged in all the time at home and at the office. It has been a small, yet productive step in becoming more aware of our effect on the environment around us.

Yet Amish Day took on a new meaning when I read an article this morning about the revitalization of Amish Farms at Fresh Plaza which reveals that, “More than 110 Amish farmers, many from Wayne and Holmes counties (Ohio), have formed Green Field Farms, a nonprofit organic food cooperative, and are finding their niche as U.S.D.A.-certified organic farmers.” We always knew that our buggy-driving friends were cooperative and kind to the environment around them and definitely don’t need to worry about ‘phantom’ power in their homes. But this move has shown great economic foresight and a glimmer of hope for the ever-diminishing locally-owned farmer and his crops.

Amish farmers, who often have less than 100 acres, have felt the pinch of large corporate farming in the same way that non-Amish small-family farmers have. In only 40 years, the amount of Amish farmers has gone from 90% to 10%, the majority of the Amish  community now involved in business. But farming, the Amish argue, is a lifestyle that encourages a healthy relationship with the land and with family. Green Field Farms, therefore grow cabbage, peppers, watermelon, cantaloupe, potatoes, pumpkins and onions and many other organic produce in demand on the market today.

Another article about Green Field Farms in The Daily Record says that, “people looking for premium food products want it wholesome, safe and from people they can trust. And the Amish, with their land, farms, people, skills and heritage, are just the people to provide that.”

So keep an eye out for the rise of the Amish farm as they hitch the buggy to the ‘Going Green’ wagon and provide quality produce filled with the hardworking love of the Amish community.

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