Going Green Commitment: Day 13…Wisely Eating Organic

As we continue the ‘Going Green Commitment’ we turn our thoughts and attention to one of the joys of living on planet Earth; eating. I’ve always been a big fan of eating. That juicy BBQ’d hamburger, the whole bowl of chicken alfredo or even a good Taco or Caesar Salad. The great and varied tastes of our world are a wonderland for our taste buds. So as I continue to examine how I can be a ‘greener’ human on this ever-producing planet, I wanted to take a look at how I can begin to eat more organically and encourage food producers and farmers to take care of our crops and products.

But as I walked down the produce aisle at my local grocery store, I was stunned at the prices of most of the organic foods. It seems like food prices are skyrocketing anyways, and the organic choices were simply too expensive for our grocery cart. I’m all for helping the environment, but me filing for bankruptcy can’t be good for Mother Earth either.

Searching for answers, I came across an article on MSN on Eating Healthy and Organic for $7 a day. Hearing music to my ears I read the article and found helpful tips to eating healhty and organic while still keeping the budget low. Meat and seafood will always be an issue, but Lynn Smith, a dietician revealed that the most important componet of healthy and organic eating is, “balance,” she says. “About a quarter of your plate should be protein, one-third veggies, and a quarter to a third starchy carbs.” For the rest, fill it out with any of the three, along with a smaller amount of healthy fats.” This article gave me hope about healthy eating habits and still staying within our budget. Smith also suggests vegetables and rice as a breakfast choice. “They are balancing, they make your brain work better, they alkalize your system, they help with stress,” she says. “And they have a natural sweetness.”

So with a newfound joy and excitment about eating organically, stay tuned for next week when I adventure off to the grocery store and prepare a truly organic meal for me and my spouse. Ideas about what our first meal should be? Leave a comment or idea below.

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