Glass Lock: Non-Toxic Glass Conatainers

group_12000If you’re looking for food containers that are safe and convenient for your family, Glass Lock has just what you are looking for. Made with tempered glass that prevents breakage and transferring of food colors to the containers. You can take these straight from the freezer to the microwave with no problems at all. These are also oven and dishwasher safe.

Glass Lockā„¢ containers are made from all natural stain-proof, shatter-resistant, tempered glass, and are manufactured to withstand repetitive usage in the refrigerator, freezer and microwave. They are ideal for consumers who appreciate being able to store, microwave and serve in the same glass container.

Glass Lock Food Storage Containers come in 3 shapes, round, square and rectangle with an assortment of sizes to choose from. Snapware guarantees there products shall be free from defects or they will replace the defective item at no cost.

Look for Glass Lock the next time you are at the store, most major department/grocery stores carry them. Prices starting at about $8 for one small and around $28 for small, medium and large.

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  1. We have these and love them! We got a pretty big box of them for a great price at Costco a little while back. I don’t think they have them currently, but will likely get them again at some point. The only down side is that the lids are a pretty tough to close.

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