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February 18, 2009

Frito-Lay Is Adding More Than 1,000 Fuel Efficient Sprinter Vehicles to U.S. Fleet

PLANO, Texas – Frito-Lay North America is adding more than 1,200 fuel-efficient Sprinter vehicles to its nationwide fleet, which will help the company improve miles per gallon (MPG), continue to cut energy costs, and reduce emissions.

The new Sprinter vehicles improve gas mileage to 17 MPG, which is more than 50% over current route trucks.  These new vehicles, which are used to deliver snack food products every day, offer additional product and safety features, which include larger cargo capacity and advanced driver and front passenger air bags.  The improved MPG and more efficient 3.0 liter diesel engines translate into a 28% reduction of CO2 emissions per vehicle.

“Converting 10% of the trucks that distribute our products to stores daily across the country is a positive step toward making Frito-Lay’s fleet the most efficient and safest,” said Mike O’Connell, director, fleet, Frito-Lay North America.  “Equally important is managing and improving the impact our fleet has on the environment.  Sprinter vehicles are the latest step we’ve taken to meet our goals to help reduce greenhouse emissions and improve overall productivity of our fleet.”

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