Fresh Ideas for Old Tired Clothes

The best way to recycle your old clothes is to make something new from them by adding to them or taking away from them and putting more then one item together. If you can sew than this will be easy, if you cant than this may be a challenge. But there are lots of options when it comes to updating old, tired clothing.

First step – go through all your clothes and take out the clothes you don’t like or never wear, put them in a pile.

Second step – Now go through that pile and look at each one carefully. Is there anything you like about it? Is it great fabric, the print nice or do you love the style. If you cant find anything you like then set it aside.

Third step – Now think of creative ways to embellish the item, with beads, appliques, ribbon, or lace. Also think of ways to make the old item new by taking it apart. Take the arms off and add lace to the sleeves, take the jeans apart and sew together to make a skirt. You can even use dye to make the item a more appealing color.

Fourth step – Find your inspiration. The Internet is filled with great ideas.

Fifth step – Learn to sew. If thats out of your league you have options, with no sew glue, safety pins or you can ask a friend or family member to help you sew.

Sixth step – Make this fun. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, sometimes its more beautiful when its a bit off.

I found so many wonderful ideas at Amour Sans Anguish. All recycled clothing with such beauty. Amazing patterns on wonder how to. Another site with step by step instructions is DIY fashions from Here is a site that offers Free patterns These are just some of the sites I found that inspired me, there are a ton more out there.

Remember to take any of the clothes you will not revamp to the nearest goodwill or salvation army. Even if you think its too worn out, because they will send items they cant sell in their stores to a rag center. Also some famous brands buy these run down clothing items so they can make their recycled clothing. Nothing has to go to waste and into the landfills.

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  1. Great ideas! I have heard of mom’s saving their children’s old t-shirts (their favorites) and cutting out quilt blocks from them, making a quilt later in life. I have seen one made and it was really touching to see over 50 fun prints of t-shirts the son wore from childhood on.

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