First Time Green Goers: A New Commitment

In the 25 years that I’ve lived on planet Earth, I think that I’ve done an okay job of taking care of our environment. I took my soda cans to the recycling bin at the grocery store as a kid to make extra money for camp, I made sure I put my paper in the correct trash at school and I always participated in neighborhood cleanups for ‘Earth Day’. But other than that, I’ve never really been environmentally conscious. I don’t mind leaving the TV on, running water while I shave or brush my teeth, and go through gas in my car like a Formula One Driver! However, after being a reader of and now having an opportunity to write my own blogs on this site, I’ve decided that its time I get serious and start to play my part in keeping our world from implosion. There are numerous things in my life that I can start to change in order to improve the environment around me, not to mention probably save me some money. So, after talking it over with the boss of my house (my wife), we’ve decided to try a different environmentally saving lifestyle change each day of the week for one month. Our plan is to chronicle our experience and give you, the reader, a chance to see how some of these techniques and changes you read about actually work in the day to day lives of real people. So here is our day to day breakdown in how we are going to work each day to change our lifestyle and better our environment:

Monday: Proper Paper Placement
Making sure we recycle our mail, paper products and eliminate junk mail

Tuesday: The lights are off, but somebody’s home
We’ll keep all of our lights in the house off for the day…pull out the scented candles!

Wednesday: Dining Organically
Our meals and snacks on Wednesdays will be only of the organic nature, bought locally and with the environment in mind.

Thursday: Minimal Water Use Day
On Thursdays we will be mindful of the water we consume in our home, in our bathroom, our dishwasher, sinks and laundry

Friday: Going Amish
All Electronics that take power will be unplugged and not used on Friday’s, including TV, Wii System, CD player, Laptop, and other unnecessary electronic consumers.

Saturday: Emission Erosion
We will strategically plan and organize our routes while driving, and walk, bike or take the city bus when traveling or running errands.

Sunday: Earth Friendly Fun
Our recreation time on Sundays will be environmentally minded, including cards, board games, walks and other things that don’t need a single kilowatt.

Each day we’ll monitor and explore different ways we can live out this commitment and how we can make changes in our lives to save power (and money) to help our environment. So stay tuned and find out if going green is really practical and possible in today’s world.

Have suggestions on what we could do each day? Leave a comment below.

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