Environmentally Friendly Roof & Gutter Cleaning

634525_21421236Living in the wet Northwest climate makes for some daunting tasks when it comes to keeping your houses in tip top shape. Constant roof and gutter care are needed, to take care of things such as moss on your roof and weeds growing out of your gutters.

There is a company, JNR Industries, in Milwaukie, Oregon that has implemented a green policy.

First of all, we have put in an extreme effort to choose the right chemicals for roof moss removal in Portland, Oregon, that kill moss only and are friendly to the environment. There are many chemicals that have a detrimental effect, but we’ve taken the time to select the right products for Portland roof cleaning that don’t negatively affect the environment. Zinc application has been proven to be the best moss killing method, while still protecting nature. Our Zinc blend has been further enhanced and tested to be even more effective, but still safe.

Second, building a new roof uses a tremendous amount of our Earth’s natural resources. Proper roof maintenance, our primary service, saves materials, debris, garbage and potentially a heavy use of chemicals at a later date. We feel good about our decision to go green, and our most conscientious clients agree wholeheartedly.

Don’t leave all this work to the Roof & Gutter cleaners, there is stuff that you can do too – maintain your roof properly to prevent a large outlay of dollars and natural resource consumption for a new roof.

If you need some roofing help and don’t live in Oregon, click here for a list of Eco-friendly roofing companies around the country.

2 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Roof & Gutter Cleaning”

  1. Be good to yourself while maintaining your rain gutters. I went on-line and found the Gutter Clutter Buster, gutter cleaning attachment tool that fastens to any 2-1/2″ wet/dry vac hose and literally vacuums out all gutter debris, wet or dry, sand or snow, while you stay safely on the ground. No More Ladders Needed!!
    Its fast, clean, easier, and very safe to use. I saved money, time, and energy with my new Best Toy!!! Check this out on line at their website and maybe you be in time for the “savings” like I did!

  2. There are many different areas where your roof can leak. I always felt it is important to isolate the problem area and get it fixed as soon as possible. Remember, it is important to have regular roof inspections done to ensure its integrity isn’t compromised.

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