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Windows are often an energy efficiency problem spot. Many homes lack the latest energy efficient windows, leading to energy loss and uncomfortably cold rooms throughout most of the year. And because window replacements are so expensive, though, it almost never pays to replace a window just for the energy savings benefits.

s_3359The Energy Cinch consists of two tension rods and a light tan, four-layer Warm Window® insulating fabric that is installed inside the window casing. With the tension rods placed at the top and bottom of the window casing, the fabric will fully cover the window, reducing heat loss by up to 80%. The fabric incorporates metallized Mylar® with insulating polyester fibers, a reflective polyethelyne vapor barrier, high density insulating fibers, and a moisture resistant lining. On a single pane window, with the Energy Cinch properly in-place, the resulting R value of the window can be as high as 7.6.

The energy cinch window fabric comes in 6 different sizes from 30″ X 45″ through 36″ X 60″. They have easy to follow installation instructions on their website along with guidelines for what size will fit what window sizes. These can easily be removed when need be, due to the fact that they have a tension rod.

So if you are among the many who need new windows but can’t afford to make a purchase of that magnitude, try the energy cinch window fabric for a fraction of the price of new windows.

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  1. I am the inventor of the Energy Cinch and I would like to clarify how the product works. The fabric used to make the product provides a high r-value of 7.6 which controls heat loss due to radiation, conduction and infiltration. However the four-layer fabric is only half of the story. Equally, if not more important, is the way in which the Energy Cinch is held inside the window casing. An open-ended ‘pocket’ is sewn along each end of the fabric. A tension rod is then inserted into each pocket. One rod is placed at the top of the window casing and one at the bottom. The fabric is held taut in the window casing covering all of the glass. This method of installation actually stops the ‘convective loop’ which is a major source of heat loss. The convective loop occurs when heated air rises and is attracted to the cold glass of a window. The warm air hits up against the cold glass, cools, and drops to the floor and now must be reheated again only to go through the same ‘loop’ cycle. So, essentially, you are payng to re-heat air over and over again. The Energy Cinch stops this cycle by not allowing warm air to get to the window glass ( due to the insallation method) and reflecting the warm air back into the room ( with the high r-value fabric.)

    Using the four-layer fabric in a traditional curtain or drape configuration will not produce the same results as the Energy Cinch. Warm air will easily find its way around a drape or a curtain and the convective loop will thrive.

    The Energy Cinch is offered in made to order sizes at

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