END Footwear

Clicking through the internet I found this website END(Environmentally Neutral Design) Footwear. I watched the video and was impressed with the way they are making the most out of their shoes and working at being as environmentally friendly. They went all the way to the factory in China to see how the shoes would be made.

Below are some of the facts of how the shoes are made:

END Footwear is a company that wants to move forward, they exist because people are hungry for a new direction and new way of thinking. The purpose of END is to provide our everyday athletes with high performance footwear that follows responsible design, and is innovative and technical.

All END Footwear use bamboo fibers in their liners, the laces and webbing are made from recycled soda bottles and they use 30-50 percent less material and less glue than the typical running shoe, creating a lighter shoe.

All END boxes are made with 100% post consumer waste. Where small amounts of glue are needed, only rice based glues are used. A single shade of green, 100% soy based ink is used as we screen it onto the box to allow for the “natural” color of cardboard to be the background thus eliminating the need for another color to be used.

Click here to see the video.

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