Election ’08: Who’s Greener?

After watching the Presidential Debate last night on TV, I thought it was interesting how much both candidates talked about our economy and energy. I thought of our GreenGlancy sight and how we really haven’t gone into the green and energy world of the election debate. Without opening up a Pandora’s Box of debate and passionate arguments on our peaceful and informative sight, I wanted to embark on a research and discussion on which presidential candidate is the greener one?

Obviously Senator Obama may have the upper hand, being the Democrat that he is, but Senator McCain has been willing to cross party lines and understands our culture and nation’s desire to see our country and world move into a more environmentally friendly mindset.

While researching who had the more ‘green talk’ this morning, I stumbled upon a great sight called SpeechWars, where you can type in a keyword, just like a google search engine, and SpeechWars will search candidates statements and speeches and give you the exact number of times a candidate has said a particular word and where and when he said it. While the sites only been updated through the middle of september, here’s some ‘green’ statistics from SpeechWars:

-THE WORD ‘GREEN’: McCain-12 times/Obama-50

-THE WORD ‘ENERGY’: Obama-510/McCain-267

-THE WORD ‘ENVIRONMENT’: McCain-23/Obama-22

-THE WORD ‘RESOURCES’: Obama-96/McCain-64

-THE WORD ‘RECYCLE’-McCain-0/Obama-1

Some interesting statistics that don’t necessarily indicate which candidate might be greener, but are interesting nonetheless.

Which candidate do you think is the greener candidate? Leave a comment below.

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