Eco Linens

med-600sensuale-27Who doesn’t want to dry off with supple organic cotton towels or slip into a chemical-free linen clad bed? If you are like me, you probably slip into a bed that has been chemically treated with some of the worlds most hazardous chemicals. Some of your most precious parts touch those sheets and towels you use everyday. So why wouldn’t you want to buy the best for your naked body to indulge in?

Eco-friendly alternatives made from organic cotton now abound, and rapidly renewable fibers such as bamboo have expanded their reach with more colors and designs than ever before and they’re no longer thin or coarse.

Here are some naked body worthy Eco Linens to consider:

Anna Sova Luxury Organic Linens: Milled in Switzerland with 100% US organic Pima cotton; our linens are finished in Italy with eco safe cotton bleaching, dyeing and finishing processes. As some of the world’s first high thread count organic cotton sheets, these linens help to reduce the amount of pesticides used in the US, and processing chemicals used in Italy.

Amenity Modern Organic bedding: All of their dyes are eco-friendly, non-toxic, water-based dyes and our organic bedding is made from 300 thread count cotton that’s been organically grown and organically processed.

Gaiam Thick and Thirsty Organic Cotton Towels: Tightly woven with premium long-staple 100% organic cotton, these 800-gram weight towels make every shower and bath a spa experience. Rich colors are created with low eco-impact dyes. Chlorine- and softener-free finishing preserves the purity and softness of the cotton.

The Company Stores Organic Cotton Jersey Bedding: Luxuriously soft and comfortable, their jersey knit bedding is safe for even sensitive, allergy-prone sleepers because it’s 100% certified organic cotton. The solid colors have been dyed and finished according to strict Oeko-Tex standards.

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