Eco-Friendly Roofing Options

Sustainable roofing options are easily accessible and important in creating green structures. Below are a few earth friendly options to consider when roofing or re-roofing.

  • 959411_82721946Solar Tiles – Created like average tiles, solar tiles provide an infinitely renewable source of energy to those with roofs that are un-shaped and face south, they are also non-pollutant. Many solar tile users stay on-grid, but it reduces electricity source.
  • Recycled Plastic Shingles – These shingles can be lightweight, yet durable, and can stand up to sever weather and high heat; as well as act as a fire barrier system and are UV-resistant. They are comprised of recycled plastic, or rubber, and some are mixed with wood waste.
  • 1046752_30329401Metal Roofing – Metal roofing made from recycled materials, can be a viable option for sustainable roofing, as they can be recycled after use as well. Metal roofing is good for rain harvesting, is a durable material, fireproof, and lightweight.
  • Clay Tiles – Clay tiles can be low energy and extremely durable. They are however very heavy, and do require a strong roofing frame but are also non-combustible, non-leaching and a good option for water harvesting.
  • Slate Tiles –  Slate tiles can be a sustainable option for areas without high heat. Splitting slate tiles is also considerably more environmentally friendly than some roofing methods.

Here are two eco-friendly roofing companies to check out:

RPM Roofing has tested and is now manufacturing their new low cost roofing alternative produced from 100% recycled plastic that will be competitively priced with custom roofing materials in the country. This is the first time that a composite plastic (recycled or otherwise) roofing product is competitive with custom roofing shingle pricing.

Eco Shake – The eco-shake is an innovative roofing material comprised of 100% recycled materials, reinforced vinyl and cellulose fiber. The eco-shake shingle is designed to resemble and replace wood shake shingles.

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