Eco-Friendly Hair Flat Irons

If you are in the market for a flat iron, here are a couple of choices. Flat Irons that actually use less energy and their companies are Eco-friendly are always better choices than buying from the unknown.

Turboion Croc Infrared Flat Iron 1″:

  1. The Turbo Ion Croc Infrared flat iron has a worldwide patented “Infra-generator” produces an “excessive” amount of healthy, indirect, far infrared heat – fast acting heat that styles quick and keeps hair conditioned.
  2. The Croc Infrared iron sports the industry’s first environmentally friendly “Green FND Digital Display”.
  3. The unique plate design is “dual plates” – split with one full ceramic heater under each half. That’s 4 heaters in one iron – the fastest, most even heat you can get!

Original Superstar Flat Iron 1″:

  1. The Original Superstar flat iron boasts damp to dry capability and tourmaline for added negative ions and maximum moisture and shine.
  2. Superstar showed the world that you don’t have to be one to look like one – check out the straightener that proved it to the world!
  3. Plus, JRS Superstar is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, so it’s a green choice too.

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