Earth Week 2009


It’s Earth Week! And tomorrow is actually Earth Day. What better week than Earth week to take steps toward sustainability.

You may be asking; What can we do? Below are some ways to help you take those steps toward sustainability. And just maybe you will enjoy or find that some of these things aren’t hard to do and you will keep on that road of living more green.

1. Ride your Bike: With the wonderful weather comes more opportunity for you to get out on your bike. Not only is this great for the environment, it is also a great physical activity for your body.

2. Carpool: If you aren’t able to ride your bike to work and have the opportunity to carpool,  take advantage of riding to work with a friend. Lessening your carbon footprint and saving gas.

3. Visit your Local National Park: Visiting a National Park is like environmental awareness therapy. Help develop a love and appreciation for nature in your children by taking them with you to a National Park.

4. Buy Locally Grown: Skip the grocery store this week and make a trip to your local farmers market or fruit stand. This will help cut down on energy used to transport the food from far off places.

5. Plant a Native Plant: Promote your local area’s natural ecosystem with sustainable landscaping practices. Cultivating native plants helps the environment where you are.

Check out your local Chamber of Commerce for all the Earth Week happenings in your area.

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