Don’t Let Money Slip Out Your Chimney – Try a Chimney Balloon

Its that time of year again, to sit and enjoy the fireplace, but are you letting money slip out of your chimney? Everyone knows to close the fireplace damper once the embers have cooled so cold air doesn’t slide in and your hot air doesn’t slide out. But did you know that dampers can warp and break with age?

A quick and easy fix can be found in something called a fireplace “pillow” or “balloon”. Its a plastic plug that you put in your chimney to seal any would-be air leaks. It blows up with a few puffs and comes with a tube(to inflate the plug) and a handle(to push the plug up the chimney).

When you want to build a fire, pull the plug and remove. The device can be used over and over again. Also if you forget and start a fire with the device still in the chimney, it is designed to safely deflate within seconds and allow the smoke and carbon monoxide to exit your chimney.

The device is very strong, under normal circumstances it will not puncture. It is resistant to the acidy and abrasive environment of your chimney, but it is also flexible enough to efficiently seal the crevices in your flue.

The average price for a chimney balloon or pillow is between $40-$55. For more information, check out these websites.

The Chimney Balloon, or Battic Door – Fireplace Plug DraftStopper.

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