Don’t Forget About The ‘Going Green Commitment’

A few months back, I embarked upon an adventure in my own home, taking thirty days to ‘Go Green’ in various ways around my house and in my life. Since that time, I thought you might like to know what has stuck and what hasn’t.

1. Shaving in the shower is a tip I tried during our ‘minimal water use’ days and found it to save me time and save extra water from running in our sink during our morning routines.

2. I struggled with eating organically. I just really like to eat. But the article on Apples and the amount of pesticides used has changed the apples and many other fruit we eat. While I can’t go organic on everything, I have on our fruit.

3. The lights are on and somebody’s home has helped us be aware of not leaving erroneous lights on in the house. Being aware of the amount of light we need and when we really need it and when we don’t have helped us keep the electric bill down. LED light bulbs have also worked their way into our home.

4. The inspiration of Recycled Lovelies, has encouraged my wife and I to be ‘thrifty’ (pun intended) shoppers and my wife has begun making clothes and purses for Christmas gifts.

And a reminder to all of us, WE CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Making small choices this winter to help our environment can be the continued and constant commitment we need from this world to change things. Think about check out the Going Green Commitment and incorporating some of these things into your life.

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