Charmone Vegan Shoes

cezagaCharmone shoes came about when a vegan friend mentioned that all vegan shoes were either ugly or poorly made and often times both. Which got them thinking about how to make vegan shoes and still be kind to the environment.

So the question is asked “How can you use synthetic materials and still call it eco-friendly?” Their answer “Well, believe it or not, the process of creating microfiber is less polluting to the environment than the process of tanning, factory farming and processing leather. In addition, the materials are free from harmful PVCs, using instead a light polyurethane coating which is gentler on the environment. We also incorporate sustainable practices throughout the production process, from using last boards made from 70% pre-consumer waste to using recycled materials in our boxes, business cards and other printed materials.”

monraAnother great attribute that Charmone wants you to know about their company is that their shoes are made sweatshop free in Italy and Brazil, ensuring you enjoy quality craftsmanship without contributing to harsh working conditions.

Now these shoes are not at all on the cheap side but they are very pretty and have styles that you wont find anywhere else.

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