Celebrate Earth Day

1154378_15133135This next Wednesday, April 22 is Earth Day. Take time to celebrate Earth Day this weekend, either by getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors or by taking action and conserving energy, water and recycling. There is so much we can do. Below are sites that can help you get started.

The Nature Conservancy has a preserve map and tips to get you inspired! Then use Facebook to get your friends outside, too.

EarthDay.gov has a list of ways to take action At Home, In Your Classroom, and While at Work. They also have volunteer programs for helping reduce soil loss, protect water supplies and volunteering with government at all levels.

Earth Day isn’t just for adults, there is a lot that kids can do to help on Earth Day. Check out this list of Incredible Kids and Cool Ideas from EarthDay.Wilderness.org.

For all the Earth Day events going on in your area check out the United States Environmental Protection Agency. They have a map with click-able regions to find out whats going on in your region.

The Sierra Club has a list of Seven Ways to Heaven on Earth Day 2009. Helping you organize a fun event for your community, how-to advice, take the “How Green is my..” quiz and much more.

And for all your Earth Day information from the history of Earth Day to anything else you could ever possibly want to know, look up Earth Day on Wikipedia.

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